Friday, 12 October 2012

Looking for journal articles?

We've had a number of enquiries from Business students who are looking for journal articles on a particular topic.  As a starting point we suggest that one of the best ways to find business/management journal articles is to use Business Source Complete- an online resource which contains full-text trade and scholarly journals in all aspects of business.

To access Business Source Complete on or off campus:
1. Go to Library Search 
2. Type Business Source Complete into the search box.
3. Click on the link to open Business Source Complete.
4. If you are off campus you may be asked to sign-in: look for a link that says 'shibboleth' or log-in via your institution- click on it and then choose University of Westminster from a drop-down menu.

To search:
1. Search using keywords for your topic.  If you add more keywords with AND you will get fewer results (narrowing your search).  [See also: Improving Search Results]
2. The results are presented in date descending order.  To change this click on 'date descending' and change to relevance.  
3. Those that are marked 'academic journal' are from scholarly journals, those marked 'periodicals' are from trade journals.  In the left hand column you can filter your results to see just scholarly (peer-reviewed) journals.  [See also: What's the difference?]
4. You can also filter your results by date using the menu on the left hand side of the results page.

To access the article:
Any with a PDF Full Text Link you can click on that link to get the full article.  Any with the LinX icon you can click on that to see if we have full text available.
PDF Full text link icon

LinX button icon
Click on this- if it says 'full text available' click on the go button
Further help:

  • Contact the WBS Librarians using the 'contact' tab on the blog to book an appointment with one of us to guide you through using Business Source Complete.
  • Look at the Business Source Complete help guides.  Click 'help' in the top right hand of the Business Source Complete interface.
Where else to look for journal articles on a topic:
  • There are other resources available which allow you to search for journal articles on a topic. Emerald is another good one for Management topics.  To see all our e-journal resources click on the 'e-resources' link in the top right hand corner of Library Search, and from the e-resources by type drop-down menu choose 'e-journals'.  You can click 'show info' next to any resource to find out what it covers.  
  • Library Search also has a quick search for articles- click on the 'articles & more' tab to search.  This is good for general topics but not great for specific business topics.