Friday, 16 November 2012

The balanced scorecard is 20!

It's the 20th Anniversary of the balanced scorecard and to celebrate the Journal of Accounting & Organizational Change is publishing a special issue dedicated to the management tool.  Check out the table of contents:
  • Balancing the scorecard through academic accounting research: opportunity lost?  / Steve Salterio
  • The politics of the balanced scorecard  / Sven Modell
  • The rise of the balanced scorecard! Relevance regained? / Hanne Norreklit, Lennar Norreklit, Falconer Mitchell, Trond Bjornenak
  • The balanced scorecard: subjects, concepts and objects - a commentary / Niels Dechow
  •  The casual relationships between performance drivers and outcomes: reinforcing balanced scorecards' implementation through system dynamics models / Frederico Barnabe, Cristiano Buscow
  •  The balanced scorecard: comments on balanced scorecard commentaries / Robert S. Kaplan
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