Thursday, 30 May 2013

Did you miss 'Get the Digital Edge' day in March?

You can now watch videos from the sessions here:  

Videos include:
  • Aimee Bateman talking about social media and job hunting 
  • Frances Gow on how to manage your online reputation
  • Jim McClellan shares his views on digital literacy 
  • Andrew Rigby of the Group discusses the importance of brand for today’s social media savvy companies
  • Jemma Perrin & Kevin Lawley run through the IT training opportunities on offer at the University of Westminter
  • Panel discussion - What skills, what for?  Frances Gow, Tarik Mahri, Rikki Morgan Tamosunas and David Chalcraft chaired by Gunter Saunders round off the day with discussion of the  themes from the day